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Based in the UK, Freightbook Ltd was formed by Rachel Humphrey who has been actively involved with the global freight marketplace since the mid 90s.

Rachel Humphrey launched Freightbook Ltd in July 2009 as a new concept of linking forwarders together at a low-cost and as an alternative to a traditional freight network.

Since then 1500+ companies in 140+ countries have registered with Freightbook and are promoting their services on a global scale whilst at the same time driving traffic to their own websites.

In 2016, Freightbook was re-launched with a fabulous new feature inspired by the fact that ratings are now an essential element to any online directory.

"Personally, I always refer to customer ratings before purchasing products online. This applies to service providers too. A recent survey showed that 91% of businesses are influenced by recommendations when making a decision to use a company so we’ve made it super quick and easy to share feedback on our advertisers." Founder, Rachel Humphrey

Judith Mellett and Wendy Schuller process new registrations and renewals and are the first point of call for our advertisers, providing excellent customer service by always replying within 24 hours. Wendy also secures our collaborations with the world’s top industry exhibitions, helping Freightbook reach a growing worldwide audience of industry executives and hopefully new business for our advertisers.

Sam Wilcox is our fantastic News Editor. Upon request from our advertisers, he will prepare an article which is then published in our News Feed. Each article appears automatically on our Smartphone Service and is also featured in our Digital Newsletter. Furthermore, articles related to each company are linked to the relevant company profiles, providing extra promotion and a helpful insight into each company which raises confidence and increases business.

Dale Nicholson is an accomplished and creative Graphic Designer with a wealth of artistic, technical and commercial skills acquired across a wide range of roles, with over 25 years’ experience. Dale is responsible for the development of marketing and sales material, as well as our Digital Newsletter and instruction guides.

Rachel and her team also run Universal Freight Organisation (est. 2000), Project Cargo Network (est. 2010) and Cargo Connections (est. 2014).

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